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eService was established in 1999, it is a joint-stock company wholly owned by Bank PKO BP S.A. The company was established in order to render services on behalf of the dynamically developing market of banking card transactions. The main area of operation of the company is settlement of transactions paid using the following cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, Diners Club, or American Express.
The initial capital of the Company is PLN 56 million. The Company employs 190 Central Office workers and 77 Regional Sales Representatives.

eService has EMV certification (microprocessor card services) for VISA and MasterCard for its equipment and settlement system. All transactions carried out by the Company are authorised on-line and, as required by the bank issuing the card, may be identified using a PIN number.
The potential of the company in the field of teleinformatics also allows for management of various activities, usually referred to in general as electronic data processing.
The value of card transactions processed by eService enabled the Company to reach the level of almost 30% of share in the general value of card payments in Poland. eService settles more than 30 million transactions a month.

eService has built a network of more than 65 thousand electronic POS terminals throughout the country, thanks to which its services have reached a wide group of clients. It also has nearly 30% share in the Polish market of card accepting equipment.
All of our terminals are state-of-the-art multi-application devices.
The Company has established a flexible telecommunication model, allowing its Clients to choose an optimum way to connect with the eService system. The POS terminals may function on the basis of communication protocols chosen by the Client.
Clients managing card payments using electronic cash registers (ECRs) can also expect to get their cash register software integrated with the eService application.

eService provides a 24 hour Acceptant Service Centre for its Clients.
The Company has received numerous awards, both from its business partners and from independent institutions. As a result of works on expanding of the card acceptance network in Poland, it has received the MasterCard Rock Award in years 2003, 2004 and 2005 for exceptional achievements in this field. eService is also the only authorisation centre in Poland to have received the European Medal, awarded for services of the highest quality. This prestigious award of the Office of the Committee for European Integration and Business Centre Club has been granted to us for the service „Authorisation of transactions made using payment cards” and the mobile phone top-up service „telePOMPKA”.

eService  has created and introduced on the market a number of additional services performed using a POS terminal.

Dynamic Currency Conversion - DCC
DCC allows the customers to make payments in their card’s currency.
When making DCC transactions customers are sure how much exactly they will pay for their transactions and they know the exact exchange rate while making the payment.

Mobile phone top-up prepaid card – telePOMPKA and teleKODZIK
eService renders mobile top-up services for all mobile telephony operators in Poland.
telePOMPKA allows for online mobile top-up. The service can be paid by cash or card.

Cash back
A possibility to get a cash withdrawal while shopping, using the POS Terminal, Visa and MasterCard certification.

Cash withdrawal using a POS terminal
eService also allows banks and financial institutions to manage cash withdrawals using POS terminals. The network of terminals significantly strengthens the bank operation with regard to access to money on their accounts. This objective has been achieved without the necessity to invest in purchase, installation and maintenance of the ATMs.

eCommerce - Online Payments
eService provides the ability to accept online payments. eCommerce includes a great number of features and enables settlement of payments for purchases in online shops, including card payments as well as electronic transfers.

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